SVR Sensifine Huile Nuit 30ml

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30ml - For all sensitive and poly-allergic skin. For the face.

For who? For what?

Combining tolerance, effectiveness and pleasure, a challenge taken up by this new Sensifine night care. This minimalist oil has been formulated with only 10 ingredients, all carefully selected in the Sensifine charter and chosen to soothe, repair and intensely nourish fragile skin. With 99.9% of natural ingredients, Sensifine repairing and soothing night oil is the essential care for sensitive and poly-allergic skin.

Its comforting oil texture is easy to apply, with a silky, non-greasy finish, offering a gentle moment of pleasure before bedtime.

An oil that comforts sensitive skin, but also does something for the planet with a 100% recyclable glass bottle.

 100% The skin is repaired in the morning
95% The skin is stronger
86% The skin is soothed

 How does it work?

For sensitive, intolerant and reactive skin, the day is a constant battle against external aggressions that make it more fragile.

This is why the night becomes a key moment during which the skin activates its natural recovery and regeneration mechanisms. It pauses its barrier function, which leads to a peak in permeability. Sensitive skin is therefore more vulnerable to all the external impurities (dust mites, washing of sheets, etc.) which can lead to irritation and an imbalance in the skin's flora.

For sensitive and poly-allergic skin SVR has created a Sensifine Night Oil with 99.9% of natural ingredients to repair during the night. When you wake up, your skin is regenerated, rested and stronger.

Its complex of vegetable oils, biocompatible and rich in omegas 3,6,9, forms a barrier film on the surface for a perfect affinity with the skin.

Combined with the oily derivative of panthenol, a "fire-breaker" active ingredient, all the active ingredients promote the repair of the skin and provide lasting relief.

An ultra-minimalist formula with only 10 ingredients selected from the Sensifine charter and enriched with 6 vegetable and hypoallergenic oils to strengthen the most fragile skin.

In full transparency:
- Hemp oil: Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, it soothes the skin.
- Coconut oil: Rich in lipids, it activates skin repair.
- Sweet almond oil: Nourishing, it promotes skin comfort.
- Grape seed oil: Protects the skin.
- Jojoba oil: Made up of 97% waxy esters, it has a remarkable affinity with the skin, giving it amazing properties such as regulating sebum production and also calming and healing.
- Rapeseed oil: Made up of 50% monounsaturated fatty acids, it is particularly rich in omega 3 and vitamin E, giving it nourishing and soothing properties.

For a formula with optimal pleasure of use, we add :

-Coco caprylate/caprate : Emollient of natural origin for a soft skin finish.
- Tocopherol: Vitamin E for a long-lasting formula.
- Soya oil : Solubilizer of natural origin.

The result is an ultra-sensory, light texture that envelops and melts immediately on contact with the skin to comfort without weighing down sensitive and tired skin. Its silky finish, without any greasy or sticky effect, will not dirty your pillows !

Efficacy proven under dermatological control on sensitive and poly-allergic skin. Fragrance-free. Physiological pH. Non-comedogenic


How to use it?

In the evening, place 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand using the dosage pipette. Apply the oil to the entire face and neck, on clean, dry skin. Gently massage in and smile!