SVR Topialyse Face Washing Balm 400ml

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For very dry and allergy-prone skin. From birth. Face, body, hair, intimate hygiene. Does not sting eyes.

TOPIALYSE Face & Body Balm Wash is a fragrance-free, sulphate-free cleansing balm for very dry and allergy-prone skin.
It soothes itching sensations and has a lipid-restoring action to strengthen the skin barrier. The balm texture is creamy, smooth and very gentle on fragile skin. Skin feels more comfortable after bathing or showering.

• Maintains hydration for 24 hours (2)
• Completely suitable for and tested on very dry and allergy-prone skin

100% (3) said it had a 24-hour anti-itching effect
90% (3) said it respected the skin's hydrolipidic film and had an intense lipid-restoring action
90% (3) said it was instantly soothing and offered lasting comfort


For face + body, suitable for newborns (not premies).

Dry and allergy-prone skin types have a compromised skin barrier. It is essential to use a suitable cleanser as the first step in the skincare routine.

TOPIALYSE Face & Body Balm Wash is formulated with a high concentration of dermatological actives and is very well tolerated.

35% hydrating and lipid-restoring actives:
- cotton oil and coconut oil, sources of omegas 3, 6 and 9:
lipid-restoring, protect the skin barrier. 
Niacinamide: soothes irritations
Prebiotic sugar: rebalances the skin flora

Combined with a cleanser that has a physiological pH to respect the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological, paediatric, ophthalmological and gynaecological control. Hypoallergenic.


Use daily. Apply to wet skin, lather, rinse, then dry gently without rubbing.

Face, body, intimate hygiene.

Suitable for baby’s hair and body, does not sting eyes.