SVR Topialyse Cleansing Gel 400ml

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TOPIALYSE Gel Lavant gently cleanses and protects skin against drying factors. Its soothing, 24-hour moisturising formula reduces itching and softens skin for immediate and long-lasting comfort.

TOPIALYSE Gel Lavant respects your skin and the planet thanks to its biodegradable1 formula made with 89% ingredients of natural origin, to protect your skin barrier.


-95%(2) said their skin was instantly comforted and soothed
- 95%(2) said it reduced itching sensations
- 91%(2)said it left their skin hydrated and reduced feelings of tightness and irritation 

- Plastic reduction 1 eco-refill 1L = 2.5 400ml bottles = -81.5% of plastic!
- More economical The eco-refill is less expensive than a 1L bottle, take advantage of it!


Sensitive skin is more vulnerable and permeable to external aggressions (hard water, temperature variations, etc.). It needs special care, especially when washing – the first step in the skincare routine. To prevent skin becoming dry and irritated, it is important to avoid sulphates and soap and to use well-tolerated, mild cleansers that respect even the most sensitive skin.   

Thanks to its ultra-mild soap-free cleansing complex, TOPIALYSE GEL LAVANT restores and protects the skin barrier:

- Three well-tolerated, mild surfactants: form a creamy foam that gently eliminates impurities while reducing irritation and dryness.
- Vegetable glycerin: an essential moisturiser that retains its weight in water and allows for optimal skin hydration while maintaining the skin barrier.

Plus! It contains just 10 ingredients, 89% of natural origin. The biodegradable(1) formula has been tested to ensure it has no adverse effects on the endocrine mechanisms assessed(3). The enveloping creamy foam has a delicate non-allergenic scent4(4)

(1) OECD standard 301F, (3) Tested on the finished product by an independent laboratory with expertise in endocrine disruptors (assessed on some of the major mechanisms in the oestrogen, androgen and thyroid systems).(4) IFRA49

We are working to be more environmentally friendly. This bottle is made from 25% recycled plastic. Remember to recycle, and give it another life!

We are working to be more environmentally friendly. This tube has been designed to reduce plastic use. Remember to recycle, and give it another life!

Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological, ophthalmological and gynaecological control. Soap-free. Physiological pH. Hypoallergenic.


Use daily. Apply to wet skin, lather, rinse, then dry gently without rubbing.

Baby from birth (not premature), child, adult.

Body, face, hair, intimate hygiene.

Suitable for scalp use. Does not irritate eyes.

1L: Remember to recycle the empty packaging.
- The bottle is 100% recyclable, please check your local facilities for guidance.
- Please check your local facilities for guidance on recycling the screw-off pump dispenser. 

The eco-refill, a simple gesture in 3 steps:

1/ Remove the pump from your bottle. 2/ Pour the washing gel from the eco-refill into the bottle of Topialyse Gel Lavant 1L or your favourite bottle. 3/ Reposition the pump for a new shower of pleasure!

Do not rinse the bottle before refilling.

When your eco-refill is finished, remember to put the cap in the sorting bin and the bag in your household waste bin!

400ml: Remember to recycle the empty packaging: the bottle and its lid are 100% recyclable, please check your local facilities for guidance.