SVR Xerial 30 Gel Creme 75ml

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75ml - Very dry, rough, thickened and scaly areas: elbows, knees, hands, arms. Ingrown hairs and tendency to keratosis pilaris.

For who? For what?

XERIAL 30 Gel-Cream eliminates localized roughness and thick scaly patches while intensely moisturizing the skin for 48 hours1with its patented Pure Urea Technology1. Day after day, unevenness, granularity and ingrown hairs are reduced. Skin is softer to the touch and visually smoother. Its melting texture glides on the skin and penetrates quickly for immediate dressing.

- -66% red spots and ingrown hairs2
- 91% less skin irregularities (granular appearance, small pimples, redness...)3.

for a guaranteed new skin effect
- 91% the skin is softer and smoother3
- 91% the skin is protected and nourished for a long time

How does it work?

Cell renewal is essential to ensure that our skin functions properly and is well hydrated. In some people, this renewal is disturbed: it slows down with age or is too fast (-28 days). Result: Very dry skin + accumulation of dead cells = the skin thickens, becomes rough. On the arms, thighs and even the buttocks, the skin can become granular and small red pimples can appear, this phenomenon is called keratosis pilaris.

XERIAL 30 GEL-CREME, an ultra-concentrated formula with keratolytic and emollient active ingredients for anti-roughness effectiveness and softened skin.

SVR patent including 30% pure urea:
Composed of urea and amino acids naturally present in the skin, it offers two intensive actions to quickly improve its irregular and rough appearance: exfoliation + hydration
-Smoothes and eliminates the granular appearance and thick, rough patches
-Intensely moisturizes

Panthenol: a reference molecule in dermatology, it soothes and moisturises

Aquaporins: naturally present in the body, they boost hydration by improving the moisturising capacity of glycerine.

Dermatologically tested on dry, very dry, thickened sensitive skin with a tendency to psoriasis and/or keratosis pilaris.

How to use it?

Its tube allows for a localised application to better target very dry and rough areas.

Apply once or twice a day to dry, rough areas, concentrating on very dry areas. Under the advice of a health professional, can be used in addition to a drying treatment.

Think about sorting when your product is finished: the tube and its cap are 100% recyclable and can be put in the recycling bin.