Valentino Born in Roma Uomo Intense Eau De Parfum For Men

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Size: 50ml

Vendor: Valentino
n outstanding tribute to Rome and its sunsets, Born In Roma Intense aims at exalting your magnificent personality, celebrating a night in the eternal city. The scent of this Born In Roma fragrance amplifies the Born In Roma addiction by pushing powerful vanilla infusion.

This unsweetened and leathery note is intensified by the Heart of vetiver and lifted with a floral and aromatic freshness thanks to lavandin.

This vibrating scent is a playful duel between an explosion of freshness and deep sensuality. Born In Roma Intense allows cool kids to express themselves with intensity and experience life with abundance and duality.

This iconic duo playfully challenges the rivalry between day and night, classic and intensity and you and me.

Born In Roma Uomo Intense is one of our best men's fragrances. The captivating blend of masculine scent notes, including vetiver, ginger, nutmeg, and smoked vanilla, makes it the best vanilla fragrance for men.