Vitality's Intensive Aqua Re-Integra Multilevel Repairing Treatment

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Vendor: Vitality's

For Damaged Hair 12X7 ml

Repair Therapy - Vitality's Intensive Aqua Re-Integra Multilevel Repairing Treatment, 12 ampoules x 7ml: capillary treatment designed for damaged and weak hair, which works to restore hair fibers in depth by stimulating keratin regeneration. Contains the Vitacell-Repair complex, which revitalizes and strengthens the hair, protecting it from further damage. The treatment consists of 2 stages:

- Bottle A guarantees deep reconstruction due to the mixture of amino acids, while ceramides consolidate the hair and keratin restores and thickens it, making it stable;

- Bottle B restores the natural pH of the hair with the help of fruit acids, which effectively close the cuticle, and mineral salts and panthenol remineralize and hydrate intensively, leaving hair smooth, soft, healthy and shiny.

Ingredients: keratin, amino acids, ceramides, fruit acids, mineral salts, panthenol

Application: on clean hair covered with a towel, apply vial A, comb for evenness, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse. Dry your hair and apply vial B, gently massaging both the scalp and the hair. Do not rinse.

Hair Type: Exhausted.

Benefits: Regenerates, Restores.